All learning starts with a foundation....educate yourself ~ teach others.

by Tammie Boulden, MBA, M.Ed

by Tammie Boulden, MBA, M.Ed

by Tammie Boulden, MBA, M.Edby Tammie Boulden, MBA, M.Edby Tammie Boulden, MBA, M.Ed

The Foundation

Scholarly Thinking Foundation

The Scholarly Thinking Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing much needed supplies to aide in the academic success of school age children and college students. We serve parents, educators, and scholars in county school districts of Texas. 


We strive to serve as a primary resource and partner in the scholar's journey leading to academic growth.

It is the mission.....

…. of The Scholarly Thinking Foundation to empower students and educators by providing resources that inspire lifelong learning and aide in the academic success of scholars in any learning environment. 

Going to School

The Educated Mind

The Educated Mind is…. ….a growth set mind. Lifelong learning should be the goal of all. All those who are concerned with growing and evolving into a person who has the capacity to use all talents and skills bestowed upon them. When one stops learning, they stop growing, in essence, they no longer evolve. This is a tragedy as it means a person does not seek education in a manner that allows them to expand and reach others while learning all they can to better things around them, improve people, grow youthful minds, and seek a commitment to lifelong learning that never ends. 

Scholars working

Learning Foundation Visionaries

The Scholarly Thinking Foundation is a learning foundation that promotes critical thinking skills to  teach all students the benefits of preparedness and life-long learning is our ultimate vision.  

Our primary purpose as a charitable organization is to focus on providing educational tools and resources to help bridge the economics associated with learning gaps. We will be known as the non profit organization where personal attention and true partnership is the daily norm. We want to engage with those in our community who are committed to improving our educational systems for parents, scholars and educators. We want a culture of sustainability and enthusiasm throughout the organization with a penchant for going the extra mile for all scholars. 

We would love to hear from you! Please share your teaching, learning, academic experiences and discovery journeys with us at [email protected].